Herringbone Challenge, continued


  • The " Herringbone Challenge " The Herringbone 360 degree pen blank is probably one of the most difficult pens to make. I will go into detail later in this blog.Continue Reading  
  • I start out with cutting the stock for all the small pieces that I will need.  This is more difficult than it sounds as you will need more equipment than just a table saw.  Stock can be ripped to a general size, and all pieces must be cut at once.  After all different kinds of the wood are ripped on the table saw they must  be machined doen to the same thickness.  This is the tricky part,  they all have to be exactly the same.  NOT almost or pretty close or just about the same.  Exactly in meaning down to the thousand's of an inch.  Get a good micrometer and get them down to .ooo of an inch. Decide on what thickness you want,  I generally use .125 of an inch. If just one is a little bit off or different size it will show up later in the final project.  After all the strips are machined now you ahve to cut them into exactly square 3/4" x 3/4" pieces.  
  • Here again they have to be exactly square,  not almost or pretty close,  exactly .075 by .075.  If some are different it will show up later in the final pen after it is turned down.  
  • Check back later , I will continue with this.


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