PENSBYKSTRAUSS - Beautiful Pens and Various Items New and Vintage


Ken Strauss - Owner, Maker, Designer

Striving for perfection, OK isn't good enough.

Art is unique, There is nothing like it. No one has the exact same style or idea of what it should be and look like. Art is the artist, what is envisioned in thoughts and created in person.

More than just a pen, these are forms of art expressed by me designed for the person who wants something special that is truly handmade one of a kind and not standard production quality. I started making pens after my father stopped due to health reasons, I owe a lot of this to him. I have always been a craftsman and operated a wood shop as part of my trade, building all sorts of items made of wood. The pen making is another way to show different patterns and styles of some very interesting work that is truly handmade. I started out with the slimline solid wood pens, that led very quickly to the segmented wood pens and pens with different accents. Then I started making Acrylic and solid surface pens in combination with wood and metal accents. My latest addition is resin casting and wood stabilization using vacuum and pressure equipment , with end results that are nothing less than amazing. Feather pens with custom lettering and embedded objects are just a few of the possibilities. A pen can be made out of just about any material imaginable given enough time and resources to work with. Each pen or product is custom handmade one at a time resulting in no two items are identical.
Upcycling vintage is another form of art resulting in very nice one of a kind handmade items that also appear in this shop.
Thank You for looking and browsing my shop.