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Bemis and Call Co. Springfield Mass. USA, 15 Inch Wood Handle Monkey Wrench, #842


A great working monkey wrench from the late 1800's to very early 1900's. It measures 15 inches long and has 3 inch jaws. Made by Bemis and Call of Springfield Mass., USA. It is well marked, but difficult to read. It has the circle with B&C with Trademark on top and VP on lower jaw on 1 side. Bemis and Call with city on the other. The jaws open to 2 5/8 inch. This wrench does have light surface rust and surface marks but is in very good condition considering the age of the tool.
Jaws do show a few marks but the wench opens and closes as it should. The wrench is straight and does not show signs of overuse and abuse.
This is a heavy wrench as it weighs almost 5 pounds as it is seen.