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Bolt Action Bullet Pen, Orange and Black Feathers with Gold Rifle Clip, #093


A bolt action feather pen with orange and black feathers. This pen was made from the tube up starting with a colored backing. Four feathers were then hand set on the tube, cast in a mold, then set to cure. The pen blank was then fitted and turned on a lathe to get it into a round state, sanded and polished. The resin is the finish, there is no finish to wear off for the resin is polished beyond 12,000 grit, making it one of the most durable and long lasting pen finish on the market.

This is a very enjoyable pen to use and a very comfortable pen to write with. There are no plastic click parts to wear out inside this pen as the only internal part it has is a single metal spring. This pen will last a very long time with normal use.

Pen has a 24 kt plated finish with a Rose Gold bullet tip that removes to replace the Parker or Parker Gel refill.
The gun bolt can be easily moved forward and back with your thumb to engage the pen tip.

Pen length is 5.25".
Pen diameter is .495 ( 1/2")
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This pen ships in a black velour gift box with instructions inside the top cover.