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Bullet Pen with Civil War Theme using Pheasant Feathers, Ballpoint for U. S. Historians, #0603


A civil war bullet pen made with two vintage pheasant feathers from the 1970's applied on an outdoor scene cast in clear resin.
This is a twist action pen that takes a Parker refill or a Parker Gel refill.
Hardware on this pen is a 44 caliber bullet tip, pen cap is a 58 caliber black powder minie ball, and pocket clip is a 1861 Springfield musket, all plated in Gun Metal.

The details of this pen are designed to commemorate the firearms used by both sides of the American Civil War. One end is a full sized replica of the .58 Minnie ball used in the Springfield Rifle Musket (depicted on the clip), while on the other end is a .44 bullet as used in the Colt 1860 Army revolver. The barrel is made from clear resin with vintage pheasant feathers from the 1970 era.
This pen is equipped with a Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow refill. Your choice of writing tips is available from the menu. If you want the ultimate writing ease and ink transfer pick the Schmidt, the black and blue are 9000 Easy flow refills that write more like a roller ball but are still in the ballpoint family. The Parker black is the standard refill that is also a very good normal writing tip. Use the menu for your preference.

This is a very attractive looking and smooth operating pen that is well balanced with it's shorter length than most pens.

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Pen length is 4.75" , bottom diameter is .480 and top diameter is .585.