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Bullet Pen with Curly Maple, 24 kt Gold Plating with Click Mechanism , #039


A 30 caliber bullet pen with a click mechanism. The pen barrel is Curly Maple that has a satin finish. This finish has a low sheen to it, and DOES NOT have a high gloss like my other pens. This pen has a wood feel to it.
This is a full 30 caliber casing with a click mechanism that has 24 kt gold plating on all parts. The pocket clip has the rifle peep sight that is common on bullet pens.
A Rose gold bullet tip unscrews to change the Schmidt refill when need be. This pen curently has a Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow medium BLUE writer in it.
This pen will also accept a standard Parker or Parker Gel refill.
This pen is 5 3/4" long, .550 at it's widest and weighs 1.3 ozs.

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