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Carpenter Hand Drill Table Lamp, Man Cave Light, #430


A repurposed old carpenter hand drill that was converted into a table lamp. This is an original Dunlap hand drill from the 1930's that was taken apart, cleaned and sealed. The red paint on the main gear is original and the wood handles are also original. Top and bottom brass tubes do have some patina accents on them.

The cord runs all the way through the center of the drill and out the bottom like a lamp should. The hand turned solid Cherry base has a soft rubber grommet where the cord exits the wood for cord protection.

Metal center shafts have been replaced with solid brushed brass tubes to permit cord passage. The original drill chuck holds the light bulb socket stem. Hand crank and gear turn freely and rests in the down position. The gear pin has been removed to keep the chuck from turning when the hand crank is moved.

This drill has totally been disassembled, put through a degreasing solution , rinsed and heat dried. All metal parts have been sealed with a polyurethane clear matte finish to prevent rusting. The red and black paint is the original paint from the factory, nothing was repainted.

This lamp is wired for 120 volts - 60hz and is not suitable for Europe and other countries. This lamp has a medium sized socket with a single action turn button with a six foot cord. All of the electrical components are new, the cord has the larger neutral lug.

All of our pieces are made from antique and/or vintage components (except for the electrical), and tend to show their age. We love the patina our materials have gathered throughout their long lives, and we leave them "as is" as much as possible. Please make sure to zoom in on the pictures to fully appreciate the beauty of these items.

All of our lights are made from UL-listed lighting components, however the end product is not rated. Lamp was wired by a qualified electrical person.

Total lamp height to the top of harp is 28"
Cherry wood base is 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" with rubber grommet.

The shade shown is for demonstration only and is NOT SHIPPED WITH LAMP. A wide variety of shades will fit this lamp, and for personal appeal and shipping reasons it is better if you buy the shade you want.

The shade shown has a 7" top, 17" bottom and a length of 12" .

This lamp would make a great present for the hard to buy for man ;
Birthday gift
Fathers day gift
Retirement , or house warming