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Copper Steampunk Pen, Luminous Color Changes in Purple, Blue, and Black. #0255


Copper steampunk pen with Iridescent color changes when the different angles of light reflects off of it. Blues, purples, and black are seen as you rotate this pen in the daylight.
This is a twist action ballpoint that is finished off with Chrome and Gun Metal hardware.
This pen comes equipped with a German made Schmidt 9000 easy flow writer with black ink and medium point. This is probably in my opinion one of the best writing refills available and still staying in the ballpoint glass without jumping up to the roller balls. A regular Parker refill also fits this pen. Your choice of writing tips is available from the menu. If you want the ultimate writing ease and ink transfer pick the Schmidt, the black and blue are 9000 Easy flow refills that write more like a roller ball but are still in the ballpoint family. The Parker black is the standard refill that is also a very good normal writing tip. Use the menu for your preference.
This pen ships in a black velour gift box with refill instructions included.