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Executive Feather Pen with Black Titanium, Secretary gift, #066


Executive Feather Pen with Black Titanium hardware. The main feather being a red and black barred rooster feather and two smaller feathers , one being solid red and the other being red and black barred.

The body of this pen is clear cast resin that is sanded and polished to a glass like finish for a very durable and long lasting life.

This pen operates by twisting the top to project the writer, that can be easily changed when a refill is needed.
This pen is equipped with an upgraded Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow writer, one of the best writing refills on the market. A Parker or Parker Gel will also fit this pen.
This pen is a little smaller and a little thinner than most of the other feather pens giving it very good balance and feel for someone with smaller hands when writing with it.

A black gift box with refill instructions come with all my pens.