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Field Drag Beam Table Lamp, Weathered Wood Farm Harrow, Upcycled 1950 Agri Desk Light, #820


A rustic table lamp that is made out of a vintage repurposed field harrow from the 1950 era. The harrow beam was extremely wore down and weather beaten as you can see by the exposed metal and the rounded corners of the oak drag beam. The weathered wood has been sealed with two coats of polyurethane to encase the old wood.
The lamp base bottom is covered with a heavy felt to protect delicate surfaces.

Lamp base is 11 1/2" wide 4" , total lamp height is 26".
Lamp cord length is 72 inches.

*Attention!* --> This listing is for the lamp base only. It *does not* include the shade! <--* That way you can pick a shade color & shape that fits your decor best. These photos show you the kind of lamp shade this lamp looks good with.
The shade shown is for demonstration only and is NOT SHIPPED WITH LAMP. A wide variety of shades will fit this lamp, and for personal appeal it is better if you buy the shade you want.

This shade measured 7" on top, 17" on bottom and 12" tall.

Lamp parts are brass plated with a center solid copper tube that has an antique metal finish on it. This lamp has a single on - off push button switch.

This lamp is wired for 120 volts - 60hz and is not suitable for Europe and other countries.

All of our pieces are made from antique and/or vintage components (except for the electrical), and tend to show their age. We love the patina our materials have gathered throughout their long lives, and we leave them "as is" as much as possible. Please make sure to zoom in on the pictures to fully appreciate the beauty of these items.

All of our lights are made from New UL-listed lighting components and assembled by a qualified craftsman.

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