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Fishing Lure Pen, Big Green Lake Wisconsin Ballpoint, #0167


A pewter fishing lure pen that has a lake map of Big Green Lake . Wisconsin's deepest freshwater inland lake. The lake map wraps around the pen and is colored with different shades of blue representing the different depths of water. Also labeled are some of the main portions of the lake, Norwegian Bay, Dartford bay, Heidle Bar, Sandstone Bay, just to name a few. A purple and orange trout bait is encased in clear resin on the face of the pen next to a small legend with the lake name and lake facts.

This is an excellent looking pen with a fisherman on the bottom portion, fishing rod pocket clip and a fishing reel and hooked fish at the top.

This is the perfect gift for any fisherman or outdoors person that likes nature.

Pen is 5.25 inches long, about .50 inches in diameter, and weighs about 1.5 ounces.

Pen is equipped with a Schmidt Easy Flow writer that is known to be one of the best German refills on the market. State your color preference from the option menu.