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Insulator Desk Lamp, Telegraph Pole Light, Vintage Electric 1900's, #630


Authentic electric insulator table lamp with original wood and hardware. Four white insulators in a series configuration with a brown single glass knob on the front set this lamp off to a one of a kind item.

The shade shown is for demonstration only and is NOT SHIPPED WITH LAMP. A wide variety of shades will fit this lamp, and for personal appeal and shipping reasons it is better if you buy the shade you want.
Wood and metal parts of this lamp wee sealed to prevent further oxidation.

This shade shown measures 7" on top, 17" on bottom and 12" tall.

Lamp total height is 27".
Base is hand turned 7.5" round with leather padding on the bottom.
Lamp post is weathered 5" x 3".

Lamp parts are plated brass, with a copper spacer at the top of the post and a single push on push off switch.

This lamp is wired for 120 volts - 60hz and is not suitable for Europe and other countries.
Light bulb should not exceed 60 watts.

All of our pieces are made from antique and/or vintage components (except for the electrical), and tend to show their age. We love the patina our materials have gathered throughout their long lives, and we leave them "as is" as much as possible. Please make sure to zoom in on the pictures to fully appreciate the beauty of these items.

All of our lights are made from UL-listed lighting components, however the end product is not rated. Light was assembled by a qualified electrician.

This lamp is not a light weight, as it weighs 11 pounds. Shipping is estimated and will be in the area listed as the box is quite large and heavy.