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Russian Olive Wood Skeleton Key Pen, Antique Brass Hardware, Stabilized Spalted Wood, #0186


Russian Olive wood skeleton key pen that was made with stabilized spalted wood using a black resin. The softer parts of the wood absorbed the black resin and the lighter colored wood was more dense and did not absorb as much resin. Hardware is Antique Brass with very intricate designs on the cap and lower portion of this pen. The pen parts and skeleton key pocket clip are from an era when fancy metal work was prized.
This is a great housewarming gift as a token to the lock of the house back when skeleton keys were common.

This pen comes equipped with a German made Schmidt 9000 Easy Flow writer. This in my opinion is the best high grade refill with fantastic ink transfer and ease of writing. A twist mechanism is used to advance the writer that can be changed out with a Parker or a Parker Gel, or a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 refill.

A CA finish is applied to the pen that is polished to a very high shine.

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