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Shotgun Shell Rollerball Pen with Turkey Feathers, 12 Gauge Over and Under, Gun Metal #0173


A shot gun shell pen that has authentic turkey feathers encased in clear acrylic. This is a replica of a vintage blue colored 12 gauge shell with the printing on the side of the casing. Tom turkey feathers are wrapped around the lower pen barrel on a wooded outdoor scene with a black beard separating them. The top section has a single turkey feather wrapped around the blue shotgun shell. The barrels of this pen were made entirely in the pensbykstrauss shop and not purchased from an outside source.

Hardware on this rollerball writer is the over and under 12 gauge combination rifle/shotgun, this Rollerball pen will make the perfect gift for any hunter, sportsman, trap & skeet shooter or gun enthusiast. A 12ga shotgun shell cap, a .30 caliber bullet style pen body, and a shotgun pocket clip. This is a postable pen, as the cap can be attached to either end of the pen. This is a full sized pen, nearly 6" in length capped and 6 1/2" posted. Gun Metal plating was chosen to complement the colors in the feathers, as you turn this pen the iridescent green and bronze colors appear that are common with turkey tail feathers.

This pen not only looks good but it writes exceptionally good with its German made Schmidt ceramic rollerball tip. Pen is available in black or blue ink, fine or medium point. Use the option menu to suit your preference.

Pen ships in a black velour hinged gift box with refill instructions.
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