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Skeleton Key Pen with Red Trinity Triad Knot, Celtic Heritage High End Ballpoint, #0604


Skeleton Key Pen that is made of a multi-color acrylic that has a red Triad Celtic Knot. A Celtic heritage pen body is solid acrylic with three red rings of .043 red acrylic inserted in the pen. Hardware is Antique Pewter with ornate castings on the cap and point of the pen, highlighted with a skeleton key pocket clip. A great gift for anyone who has family tree ties with the territories of the Celtic nations, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

This is a hefty pen that measures 5.5" long, .531" thick and weighs 2.8 ozs. A Parker refill fits this pen.

The Celtic meaning for Triad has many meanings, for the sketchy historical records vary .
Some of the Celtic knots have four rings, some have five rings, all with different meanings.

Some of the meanings for the Triad Celtic Knot are; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost - Mother, Father, Child - Past,Present and Future - Power, Intellect, Love - Thought, Feeling and Emotion - Spirit, Mind and Body