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Unique Writing Pens, Luxury Ballpoints for Executives #038


A luxury ballpoint resin feather pen with antiqued pewter and brass plating. Art Deco design that has four feathers in varying colors in the brown, tan and black color spectrum. This pen is unique as it has authentic feathers and one of the best writing refills on the market, Schmidt 9000 easy flow, medium point.
Hardware on this pen is Antique Pewter and Antique Brass with the top cap and center band being embossed with the Art Deco era details. The antiqued plated finish on this pen is such as it says, older looking with lighter and darker shades, rougher and smoother areas. A twist action operates the pen writer that takes a Parker refill.
The pen barrel is handmade by me in the pensbykstrauss shop from the tube up by applying feathers to the pen tube, casting in clear cast resin and then turning and finishing the acrylic past 12,000 grit. There is no wax or any other finish applied to this pen barrel, it is simply polished to the shine you see.
This is a very smooth operating and writing pen that would make a great office gift for any manager, CEO, boss or executive.
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