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Vintage Survey Transit, Schneider Bd-7F, Land Surveying Optics, #461


This is a working operational land surveying transit , Schneider Bd-7F that is in very good condition. This transit was previously used by a swimming pool contractor and retired when the digital laser units arrived. This is being sold as is as I can not test it, but it does focus nice and all adjustments seem to turn freely. all tightening and locking adjustments are good.
All of the glass level vials and bubbles are good, front lens and rear eye piece are in good condition.
Original hard carrying case with accessories, adjustment tools, and plumb bob. Padded case has a round opening for a sun shade that is presently attached to the unit. Sun shade can be mounted from either end, as a shade or as a trim ring. Photo has it mounted as a trim ring.

Unit looks very clean and has no visual problems other than a little surface rust on the carrying strap buckles.

If you have any questions I will try to answer them but I do not know how to use this tool other than to focus the eye piece.

Transit and case, there is no tripod with this sale.