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Vinyl LP Record Carry Case with Wine Gator Leather Trimmed in Solid Copper Edging, #0295


LP record carry case that is handmade with solid wood, Wine Gator upholstery leather outside with solid copper protective corners and edging. The copper edging and corners were hand formed from copper coil stock, finished with an antiqued look. Heavy duty snap closures prevent case from opening when carrying. A metal and resin handle that is bolted through the top of the case for reinforced strength for carrying the weight of approximately 40 twelve inch 33 1/3 single cover LP's.

Interior of the case is heavy burgundy felt that will protect your album covers from wear and tear. A perfect way to store your LP's and be able to transport them without loading into a box and such.

The wood case sides are made of 3/4" solid wood. The front, back, top, and bottom are all 1/2" wood. All corners have box joints that are notched, glued and nailed. Interior and exterior fabrics are contact glued 100 % and will not sag or ripple. Four padded felt feet to prevent scuffing furniture along with anti-bump hinge spacers for top cover copper edging protection.
This is the ultimate carry case, as it is not a typical aftermarket import. Handmade piece by piece with top quality parts this is truly one of a kind quality item. With a little care this case will last a long time for the serious LP collector.

Case measurements, outside - 14 3/4" wide, 14" high, 7 1/2 deep. Inside is 12 7/8" wide, 6 1/4"
Completely handmade in the pensbykstrauss shop.