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Wearever Lever Fill Fountain Pen, 1930 Era Flat Topped Writing Tool, #0300


Old School lever fill fountain pen that unscrews from the body to use. Pen can be posted or used by itself. Wearever was a pen company highly used in the early 1900's as a medium priced good quality pen.
Finish on this pen is a striated black and rusty burgundy pattern with gold plated hardware.
This pen has been serviced and has a new bladder, lever action spring clip and a new fine point nib. The pen has been tested and slightly tuned in the very least, additional fine tuning may be required to meet your personal touch.
Pen measures 5 1/8" in the capped position and 6 1/2" in the posted position. Diameter of the pen body is 1/2" and 9/16" for the cap.
Pen has been drained and rinsed out for shipping and is ready to be inked up.