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Westinghouse Portable Ammeter, 1928 Antique Ampere Tester, Upcycled Battery Clock, #665

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Antique Westinghouse Ammeter upcycled with a battery quartz clock. This ammeter is in the original case with the original finish. The main wire windings have been removed by a previous owner at some point in time. Original black Bakelite face panel with chrome terminals. This instrument shows the wear and tear from over 100 years of existence. The instruction card glued inside the top cover has what appears to be paint splatters, factory style numbers, serial number and ampere limits. The latest calibration date is April 14, 1928. Westinghouse metal tag on the bottom of the inside cover has the patented dates of 1-7-1913 to the latest date of 8-12-1917.
Leather strap is original and slightly cracked, chrome knobs are scratched and nicked.
Intended for the rustic minded person and decor.

The Quartz 2 3/4" clock is new, 2021, and is friction fit with stainless springs fitted on the sides of the clock case. The clock easily pulls out of the front to set the time and change the battery. One triple AAA battery runs this small clock well over a year before changing.
With the clock unit out the ampere meter hand can be manually set at any number on the scale with the touch of a finger.
This unit is 8" by 8" by 7" and weighs a whopping 8 pounds as you see it.

One AAA battery installed.
All surfaces were wiped down with a mild detergent cleaner.